Chatbot Features

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Automate your business with an AI Chatbot

Voice and speech integration

Our chatbot’s voice and speech integration offers a new dimension to customer conversations. From tracking events in Google to converting text into speech and allowing your visitors to interact with a human voice.

Create Your ChatBot

Create your AI bot. Set up questions template and answer style. Our AI Konversation supports many ways to upload your data. Now, it knows everything about your business and can answer like an expert.

No - Code Chatbot Builder

To build your stories, simply drag and drop the conversation blocks. Create engaging chatbot interactions with bot responses and actions without any new code.

E-commerce Channel

Create your new product easily. You can give discounts, manage orders, and create an intuitive experience in e-commerce to satisfy your customers. Sell your product across the channel with live c

WhatsApp Marketing

Reduce average response time by 70% and delight customers using chatbots. Bring your Shopify store onto WhatsApp using catalogues. Instantly connect, engage, and convert. Reach 2 billion users now. Boost marketing strategy today for unparalleled business growth.

Make it easier for you to work.

Chatbot Academy
Check out our free video tutorial to learn more about chatbots.  Develop stellar bots without coding by learning from the experts.  It does not require any previous experience
Pre-Built Template
Set up your chatbots using customizable ChatBot 200 templates. You can either reuse them as they are or provide them with the opportunity to develop more Stories.
Multilingual Support
You can chat with customers in their preferred language right away. Connect with a diverse audience and provide consistent support worldwide.

Create Your AI chatbots without coding

Drag & Drop Flow Builder
It has an easy drag-and-drop flow builder. Even non-technical people can build a chatbot efficiently without any help.
Customized Chat Widget
Create AI chatbots on your website with our free Chat Widget. Customise its look and feel to match your brand’s style and website design.
Data & Analytics
Know your chatbot users by automatically collecting and using data for a more personalized experience. By using real-time analytics, you can check your chatbot’s working performance.
Multi-Platform Integration
Customers can contact you using their 50+ favourite messaging platforms. With the chatbot, you can offer round-the-clock support to your customers.

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Build Your Chatbot to grow your revenue and boost your business with

Grow your business with advanced ChatBot features

Automate Your Massaging

Webhooks are one of the advanced features. You can Create, update, and send messages to customers directly from your favourite platform. You can connect the conversation context with any data stored on your backend side and return a bot message or attribute based on that.

API & Developers

Use our API for any type of request function and authentication. Developers allow you to manage your stories, interactions, entities, webhooks, and more.

Customized mini apps

Create your mini-app with our low-code JSON visual builder. Share it with your users and customers. It helps you to automate your business according to your desire.

Testing Tools

Within the ChatBot web app, you can test your Story as you build it. Ensure that your Chatbots work as intended before connecting with users.